Alexander Singer (born 1964 in Klosterneuburg, Weidling) is an attorney and previously served as the managing partner of several companies belonging to the ASSA Objektservice (property service) group for eleven years.

Prior to founding his own law firm with Horst Fössl, Alexander Singer was an attorney at Dr. Helmut Platzgummer Attorneys-at-Law before working at Wolf Theiss for 7 years, and subsequently at Schramm Partner. For 10 years Alexander Singer had been auditor of attorney candidates wishing to take the bar exam..

As a lawyer and entrepreneur Alexander Singer incorporates his two viewpoints in his daily work. His areas of expertise are corporate law, contract law, and litigation, as well as insolvency law, including white-collar crime and fiscal criminal law.

Alexander Singer was/is a member of various different supervisory boards as well as advisory boards, and is a member of several management boards of private foundations. He is considered a leading expert for legal advice, legal coaching, and mediation in disputes between shareholders and managers in SMEs as well as large enterprises and groups of companies.

In the course of the last decade the scope of advice of Alexander Singer has widened from originally mere legal advice to now also comprising business strategy consulting, always keeping in mind – however – the necessary legal framework.

Candidates taking the bar exam are invited to a pre-arranged interview with Alexander Singer. It would be helpful if bar exam candidates had their resumés available. These resumés should cover, in particular, the field(s) of law that the candidate has specialised in during their legal studies thus far, and should be submitted (ideally) in advance of the interview, or brought along with them to the meeting.


  • Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SÜBA AG (2005 to 2015 and from 2018)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Rudolf Weinberger Holding GmbH (since 2020)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of EISENWERK SULZAU-WERFEN R. & E. WEINBERGER AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (since 2020)
  • Chairman of the Board of HORUS-Privatstiftung (since 2021)
  • Vice President of the Austrian Trade Association (2009 to 2015)



  • Vienna Law Society
  • Deutscher Anwaltverein
  • Deutscher Anwaltverein in Austria
  • DACH Europäische Anwaltsvereinigung e.V.
    In 2016 Alexander Singer was the scientific director of the 55th meeting of the European Bar Association DACH to the topic “Unternehmenskauf und -verkauf sowie (grenzüberschreitende) Verschmelzung”
  • Austrian Trade Association
  • Sailing- and Windsurfing Club Weyregg am Attersee (auditor)
  • OTKE – Oldtimerclub für Künstler und Enthusiasten

E-Mail: singer[at]