Singer Fössl offers Know-How regarding shareholder disputes to all companies. With respect to SMEs, these are usually individuals but can also be family-owned businesses, and where large international corporations are concerned, mostly group companies with equity interests (joint ventures).

Prior to his career as a lawyer, Alexander Singer was shareholder and managing director of a large group of companies for many years and is familiar with shareholder disputes also from the perspective of a directly affected party.

For more than 30 years, we have accompanied, advised and represented a large number of shareholders in disputes with their co-shareholders. More and more often, we also represent executive management who are faced with arguments between the shareholders of the companies that they run (also see: Director and Officer Liability).

Experience shows that: most people think, the clever ones think in tandem, but the wise think ahead!

In accordance with this way of thinking, it is important in the event of

  • Company incorporation
  • Succession planning
  • Acquisitions and
  • Establishment of PPP-models

to allow business-minded company lawyers to draw up contracts, which

  • Largely avoid shareholder disputes, by giving sufficient regard to the different interests of different shareholders
  • Provides a procedure to prevent latent shareholder disputes from escalating and
  • Clearly defines the rules that govern what happens in the event that a shareholder dispute does arise.

New: The Singer Fössl checklist on preventing shareholder disputes can be downloaded.

50 % of all entrepreneurs risk their company in their pursuit of money and power !

No matter if you are majority of minority shareholder, if a shareholder dispute does arise, it is important to have the professional support of a commercial lawyer who is an expert in corporate disputes, in order to enforce your (minority) rights, as well as to ensure that the amount of time and money you have to spend and attorney fees stay within reasonable limits.

As entrepreneurs and as lawyers we have been involved in numerous court cases and will advise you before you enter proceedings so that you can assess the risk and also your chances of success as accurately as possible.

Alexander Singer’s book, “GESELLSCHAFTERSTREIT vermeiden oder gewinnen” (“SHAREHOLDER DISPUTES prevent or win“), was published by Manz in 2010 (according to Austrian law).

The authored book of Alexander Singer and Florian Kreis, Regensburg, “GESELLSCHAFTERSTREIT vermeiden oder gewinnen” (“SHAREHOLDER DISPUTES prevent or win“) was published in November 2018 by Haufe (according to German law).

Alexander Singer and Nora Michtner published an article for managing directors in shareholder disputes in the e-book “GmbH-Geschäftsführer 2016” as well as in the e-book “GmbH-Geschäftsführer 2017“, which is published by EUROFORUM Germany.

We are at your disposal should you require further information or an analysis of your situation.