On 1 September 1993 the Austrian Federal Act on Private Foundations entered into force. Alexander Singer is dealing with private foundations in his daily practice for almost as long as that, namly

  • as author of foundation statutes (deed of foundation as well as supplementary foundation deed)
  • as – parly also strategic – advisor of
    • Founder
    • Beneficiaries
    • Foundation board members
    • Foundation auditors
    • Foundation supvisory board (supervisory board members)
    • Foundation advisory board (advisory board members)
  • as legal counsel of founders or beneficiaries, when a dispute breaks out amongst them (see chapter 8 of the book of Alexander Singer „GESELLSCHAFTERSTREIT vermeiden oder gewinnen”, which has been published by Manz),
  • as legal advisor of founder families in disputes with the foundation board members
  • as mediator of such disputes
  • as foundation board member of private foundations
  • regarding the dissolution or revocation of private foundations

In many private foundations family assets are bundled respectively private foundations act as holding for shares in family enterprises. Alexander Singer benefits from the fact that he has a entrepreneurial family background and was acting as managing director and shareholder of various companies within a big group of companies.

Private foundation law mandatorily comes together with corporate law and inheritance law, in which you are not only advised by Alexander Singer.

Disputes between founders and beneficiaries respectively between founding families and the foundation board may escalate to court litigation. In such Alexander Singer may represent you in the best way possible due to their vast competence in civil litigation.

We are glady available for further information and for an analysis of your situation.