Litigation is a specialist discipline. Conducting court cases requires competence in the subject area in which the action is based, on the one hand, and on the other hand, detailed knowledge and experience of the relevant rules of procedure that will apply. We assist you in commercial law enforcement before state courts and agencies, as well as before arbitration tribunals.

Singer Fössl can offer comprehensive expertise and long-standing experience in all areas of commercial law, and in respect of all rules of procedure (the Code of Civil Procedure, General Administrative Procedures Act, arbitration rules, Penal Procedure Code, etc).

We are furthermore also skilled in non-law techniques, which often have a major impact on the outcome of the case, such as rhetoric, the art of questioning (well questioned, is half done), graphical representation of complex facts, psychology, body language, etc.

This combination of legal competence and soft skills guarantees fast and competent pursuit of our clients‘ interests, while always taking into account economic considerations.

We advise and represent clients in litigation in the following areas:

Furthermore we have all-comprising competence in the area of Community Law, including the international private law on contractual obligations (Rome I Regulation) and on non-contractual obligations (Rome II Regulation) as well as international procedural rules (Brussels I Regulation).