Last will and testament

We advise on the different possibilities of shaping legal succession and bequeathing single assets as well as the tax implication to be obeyed in this context and also draw up for you your last will in a legally optimised way.

We gladly register your will with the public register of wills, so that it will be safely disclosed in an inheritance, thus avoiding abusiveness.

Private foundation

In addition to inheritance related topics we of course also offer advice in the field of privat foundation law, as the establishment of a private foundation is another option to pass on assets. Besides, inheritance law statutes and related case law have to be considered, whenever assets are contributed to a private foundation.

Legal representation in inheritance proceedings

If you are to accept an inheritance or if you have been bequeathed single assets it is recommended to seek legal advice. We assert your situation and your legally permissible courses of action. Eventually we represent you in inheritance proceedings in order to protect your rights.

Especially if you are allegedly only entitled to inherit little or no assets as child or spouse, the consultation of an attorney is recommended. We support you in asserting and – if necessary – enforcing your rightful claims.

Disputes among beneficiaries

When the founder passes away, a dispute among the beneficiaries is often the case. We represent you and your interest in such situation, however, also present possible solutions to end the dispute respectively to avoid disputes (establishment of booking circles, sub-foundations, taking over of the position of a chairman etc).