Director and Officer Liability (managing director, board members, supervisory board, supervisory board members)

Almost every shareholder dispute is combined with corporate and criminal liability of directors and board members (and sometimes also supervisory board members), given that disputing shareholders often accuse management and the supervisory board of bias and favouritism towards the other shareholders.

Corporate and criminal liability of directors and board members are important concepts even in the absence of shareholder disputes, especially in the context of serious loss-causing events and in the area of white-collar crime, as can be seen more and more in the media.

We do of course also represent entrepreneurs who have suffered loss as a result of actions by management or (senior) employees. It goes without saying that our goal is to be discreet – in order to avoid attracting the attention of the public – to limit the damage to the business in respect of which the management or (senior) employees will be called upon to pay damages.

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