Nora Michtner advise and represent companies and banks, as well as insurance companies in the preparation of contracts and terms and conditions. A well formulated contract, which takes all eventualities into consideration, can be enforced efficiently and is thus the first major safeguard against bad debts.

If the debtor is in default and does not pay outstanding bills, then it is necessary to quickly enforce the claim. Nora Michtner begin by using out-of-court measures and sends payment reminders and warning letters to the debtor. This demonstrates the creditor’s persistence and usually leads to the debtor paying what they owe.

Otherwise it will be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to obtain a writ of execution. In the case of rental cases, Nora Michtner can bring rent- and eviction claims on behalf of landlords.

Consequently, Nora Michtner enforces the writ of execution through foreclosure.

This includes:


  • Salary and chattel execution
  • Execution on property
  • Demand execution (seizure of wage or salary demand)
  • Execution on property rights, which do not belong to the receivables (commercial enterprises, concessions, proportionate interests in an undivided property, corporate rights, beneficial interests, patent and license rights, exploitation rights over copyrights, rights of use, brand rights and rights over a company name)
  • Execution of eviction orders
  • Registration of the claim (if necessary), and representation of the debtor in bankruptcy proceedings (proceedings to determine the bankruptcy claim and dispute processes).

We are available should you require further information or an analysis of your situation.

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