A universal definition of the term construction law simply does not exist. Usually, it is divided into public construction law on the one hand, and private construction law on the other hand. We offer comprehensive legal advice in both disciplines.

We advise investors and project developers in the area of public construction law in the acquisition of property and in developing projects. The support and advice that we offer ranges from the early development phase (due diligence, zoning, development planning, the securing of real property) and obtaining the necessary permits, to defending against objections. We can also support you if your neighbours are carrying out unauthorised construction processes, and furthermore, defending against building inspector orders, is included in the spectrum of services that we offer.

In the area of private construction law, we are prepared to draft all of the necessary contracts and oversee all projects involved in the planning and execution of construction work (engineering and construction, facilities and infrastructure, as well as projects in the energy sector). We have extensive experience in the enforcement and defence of supplemental claims and in all construction related issues. Since (for a number of reasons) the execution of construction contracts can lead to changes in the quantity and scope of services, nobody in the field of construction is immune from damage or warranty claims. Whether you are bringing a claim or warding one off, we can apply our years of experience, in either case.

If you are looking for legal advice and representation in matters concerning claim management, then you can count on our expertise. Having your construction contracts drawn up and reviewed by a professional will secure your interests ahead of every contentious dispute.

If construction contracts must be tendered in the way of public procurement procedures, then an interdisciplinary approach is required more than ever. Bringing law, engineering, and the building trade under one roof, is not an empty slogan for us. This is where our years of experience helps us, in collaberation with experts in construction and engineering, to develop solutions to your problems.

I am available should you require further information or an analysis of your situation.