We gained experience in the field of company law as entrepreneur and as a result of our legal experiences as lawyers. We specialise in all types of companies, such as partnerships (general and limited partnerships) as well as corporations (limited liability companies and stock corporations), and foundations.

Company law advice comprises all company processes:

  • Choosing the most appropriate legal structure for the company
  • Conclusion of the Articles of Association and shareholder agreements
  • Mutual offers (put and call options)
  • Rules of Procedure for management, the board of directors, and the supervisory board
  • Strategic planning and execution of shareholder meetings
  • Increase and reduction of share capital
  • Reorganisations such as mergers, demergers, contributions of assets
  • Acquisitions and disposals, due diligence and
  • Winding-up (liquidation)

Alexander Singer and Nora Michtner published an article for managing directors in shareholder disputes in the e-book “GmbH-Geschäftsführer 2016” as well as in the e-book “GmbH-Geschäftsführer 2017“, which is published by EUROFORUM Germany.

We are at your disposal should you require further information or an analysis of your situation.