Legal certainty is the essential basis of every sustainable business success. The legal framework for business activities has become increasingly complex as a result of European integration and legislative initiatives to intensify compliance and transparency rules. It is therefore advisable to seek competent legal advice in all significant business activities. The quality of your business conduct should be complemented by legal advice of equivalent quality and efficiency.

Alexander Singer will advise you individually in interdisciplinary matters of company law, and specifically adapt their advice to your task (everything from company incorporation, the growth phase and the commercial operations of your company, to questions regarding succession). With our many years of experience advising renowned local and international clients in the following areas, we’re your competent and efficient partner.

  • Business- and company formation
  • „Corporate Housekeeping“ and Compliance (current company law, matters concerning the company register, advising the board, inhouse training)
  • Legal interface to your tax advice
  • Ongoing legal advice
  • Questions of professional and trade law
  • Employment law advice
  • Legal advice in finance activities
  • Distribution law, work and services contracts law, terms and conditions, etc
  • Competition law
  • Intellectual property law (trademarks, licenses, etc)

We offer comprehensive advice concerning contract law in all of the above areas, in order to present your business ideas in clear contract language. Only through proactive contract law advice, can you be certain that your business success is not jeopardised by ambiguous or surprising contract provisions. In accordance with your needs, we will prepare contract proposals, take part in your contract negotiations, or assist you with the conclusion or implementation of contractual agreements. We can develop optimal contracts or terms and conditions to support your human resources and sales activities. We can also adapt these contracts or terms and conditions in each case, as required, to your current legal situation.