This vision provides an attractive picture of the future of our firm for our customers and also for us. It offers directions for our employees, and places concrete requirements on each and every one of us whilst helping us to be successful in the long-term.

We are a reliable firm, full of ideas, and have a high level of competence in business.

The partners in our firm are the first point of call for each different area of law Practice areas:

  • Horst Fössl: Procurement law, Construction- and Construction Contract law, Property Development Contract law, Structured sales transactions (state aid law)
  • Alexander Singer: Corporate law, Shareholder Disputes, Liability of Directors and Officers
  • Nora Michtner: Company law, Litigation, Insurance law, Traffic law
  • Lisa Rebisant: General Civil law, Litigation, Construction- and Construction Contract law

We are highly specialised in these areas.

Furthermore, we also hold positions on the boards (supervisory boards, boards of trustees, etc) of companies and thus we immediately take over responsibility for our clients‘ companies.

We find joy in success. In particular in that of our customers.

In performing our services, we value clear and and cost-efficient solutions to legal problems. In this regard, clear and timely communication with our clients is very important to us.

“Fast-paced“ and “results-orientated“ defines the way in which we work. Challenging tasks incentivise us to make the impossible possible. We live this quality daily and continue to raise the bar through our internal control system.

By founding, organising, and taking part in different networks we are able to further develop our know-how, and increase our contacts and build relationships with other experts and decision-makers.

We are the only firm in our industry to make available to our customers, business partners, and employees, a network of company lawyers and non-lawyers who are confronted with legal problems on a regular basis. Through this network, under the heading zweiter Montag (“second Monday“), we make it possible to exchange experiences, and encourage further development at the highest level (not only by way of legal training, but through personal development and culturual topics).

As professionals, we recognise our boundaries and execute interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with our partners from other fields.

We approach customers in the private and public sectors, to offer our services, which include continual advisory services as well as project-based consultancy. We represent our clients‘ interests against their contract parties as well as courts and authorities.

For the top management in the business industry, we are the first point of call when it comes to questions of law, and also economics.

We can take over correspondence with foreign attorneys, on behalf of Austrian companies doing business in Europe, regarding their legal cases. We can handle legal cases in Austria on behalf of European companies.

Our employees take advantage of interesting and challenging assignments to further enhance their wealth of experience. With large workloads and high pressure, we achieve excellent standards of work through teamwork.

As a result of our high degree of organisation and the expertise of our employees, we are able to cope with complex questions of law.

Errors by clients or employees are openly addressed, and this forms the basis for the development of quality standards.

The working environment is characterised by respectful interaction with one another, but incorporating fun into our daily routine is also very important to us and it is only then that optimum results can be brought about, even under pressure.

Our goal is to ensure that our employees are happy and proud members of our team.

By actively marketing ourselves and expanding our business, we strive for controlled and conscious growth of our business. As a result of which, our clients receive a wide range of services.

Our employees gain career opportunities, and their development is further enhanced through individually tailored training programs.

Our managing partners are responsible for keeping the employees informed and work to ensure a transparent flow of information between all of our departments. As a result, our employees also feel the need to provide information.

Through regular communication, we achieve a high level of information. Open, timely, and directly communication is of paramount importance.

Constructive criticism leads to further development and is welcome.

We develop sustainable solutions for our clients. We build our core customer base by being reliable, punctual, and flexible, and gain new clients through recommendations and by actively sourcing new business.

We value a work-life balance. This contributes to the future of the firm.

We ensure total service- and cost transparency. Exact cost allocation and accountability are of paramount importance. Our clients know our billing practices in advance and therefore have the certainty they need for planning.

Even attorneys have a cash flow.

We have a social responsibility towards society and we make an active contribution to people in need of assistance.

We welcome suggestions on other distinguishing features from interested parties, business partners, and employees, which can be sent to office(at)